Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ashleigh's Buffet

Usually I have a at least somewhat of a before picture to show of a piece I am working on. However, I don't have a fancy-schmancy camera like so many other bloggers and I use my phone. I also have two children that are crazy about Angry Birds and taking pictures with the phone camera...this leads to bad things for me. Pictures that I wanted to keep forever somehow get deleted when my little girl plays with my phone. Three completely fantastic before pictures were deleted! In their place I have lovely video of my daughters nostrils and her favorite stuffed animals singing Taylor Swift's 'Mean'. Funny yes, but not so great for the blog about said furniture piece.

Moving on, I do have a few pictures of the color that the buffet was before  I began. This is the front of one door already partially sanded

This is the large drawer sitting on top of my husbands mobile wash trailer. The trailer is a GREAT work surface for me because I'm short, but my husband absolutely hates that I use it. It is a testament to how much he loves me that he puts up with that!

This is the piece mostly primed. The weather did not cooperate for me during this time! We had a dirt storm that made the news it was so bad. So, I had to sand and pretty much start over. 

This is the dirt storm heading toward my house the day I had the buffet fully primed.

It was massive, nasty, and so gross. I cleaned my house for a few weeks afterward and found more dirt every time! So after everything was redone I got back to the fun part. The paint is a soft gray from Benjamin Moore called Smoke Embers. It was the perfect color to use on a classic piece like this.

I also painted the inside with a Valspar color I love called Atlantic Gray. It's almost a robins egg color and I thought it would make for a fantastic pop of color when you opened up the piece.
When all was said and done I think it is so much more elegant than before. The knobs and pulls of any piece are it's jewelry and can absolutely make a piece shine. That is doubly true for this buffet! The knobs are gorgeous and were totally worth the wait of being back ordered.

This is the finished buffet in its place. Ashleigh has her beautiful home all decorated for the holidays and the buffet looks perfect!

She says she falls in love with the piece more and more every day and I love knowing that I have a happy client.

Now onto the next project. Stay tuned...