Saturday, August 9, 2014

Design Inspiration - Breakfast Nooks

I have ALWAYS wanted a breakfast nook. Seriously, ever since I was a teenager and saw one in a bed and breakfast while on vacation with my family, I have wanted one. I thought to myself that when I was all grown up that would be so much fun to have with my family.
My parents had an eat-in kitchen but no nook, my first house was tiny and barely had enough room for a dining space much less a nook. But now, now I have a place for a nook!!!

This is what the space looked like when I got my house:

After some work, it now looks like this:

I added the Chalkboard Wall last summer and have been working on installing new trim all over the house. Of course I still have carpet in here…but hopefully not for long!

I want to do a built-in banquette in that corner. So I've been scouring my options and finally found some amazing ones to choose from.

The first one I saw was this one
Gorgeous, but I didn't really want the sloped back and it seemed a lost opportunity for storage. I LOVE storage.

The next one I found just makes me happy! It's light, bright, and beautiful. The bench raises up and there is storage inside - so smart! Except I'm lazy and I wouldn't want to remove the cushions every single time I got into the storage area. I like to keep it stupid simple. 

So I moved on. I found this one with drawers underneath, but my table's pedestal has larger legs and I would have to move the table to get into those drawers too. Again though, bright and happy! I love the look!

I found these last two and decided to combine a few things to get exactly what I wanted. I love that this photograph shows the drawers on either end of the seats. To me that was the best. I don't have to move anything to get into the storage and it doesn't waste space. Perfect!

 This last one spoke to me a lot. I love the white with the wood top, and that is exactly the finish that would be perfect for me.
I pinned this off of but when I went back to find it for the source I couldn't find it again. If any of you find it let me know and I will replace the link.

It's been in the works for a couple of weeks now and I'm making good progress. Stay tuned for the reveal coming soon!