Monday, July 6, 2015

Laundry Room Inspiration

A while back I showed you guys that I was planning a renovation of my laundry/mudroom earlier than scheduled because of a plumbing issue. It's still not complete. I finally made it to the point that I have all of my plans in order.
I wanted to show you all my inspiration for this space. I'm actually really excited about all of this!

Storage solutions are the biggest part of this space. I don't want to see any clutter at all!

One side of this will actually have a faux drawer at the bottom. I'm big on symmetry and I want the cabinets to match, but I also need one side to be a broom and vacuum closet. 

Much like this:

I'm wanting to also add these pull out sweater drying racks into the section that has the laundry baskets.

I'll be adding a wood counter top over the laundry machines.

I also am adding a sink into the space. I'm still trying to choose between these two styles.

Which sink would you choose?

I already have ideas for planked walls, white and gray paint for the walls, mint green for cabinet paint, black iron for fixtures, and whiskey lids as cabinet knobs.

The domino effect is a HUGE one in this space. There are so many things that I will have to do in stages, so this space will evolve over time. I'm so excited that it will be starting soon! Cant wait to give you all the next update!