Thursday, December 5, 2013

Better Late Than Never

Life happens sometimes and you get bogged down or things are out of your control and you just need to let yourself breathe. I had been meaning to get pictures of Ashleigh's home for a while, but she was in the midst of a big renovation and decorating. Then I was completely booked, then my family moved, and I was completely booked again for a while. Things have slowed down and finally our schedules meshed! So this morning, I braved the ice and wind and loaded my camera and my Trey up and went to Ashleigh's for a little time with my friend and some quality time with her now finished spaces that just happen to house some of my most favorite pieces ever!

This buffet was fabulous and now it's decorated to perfection for the holidays and sitting in the entry hall of the home:

Sorry about the crazy flash - there were some temporary electrical problems at the time I was there and I had to use a flash. Believe it or not this is diffused. 

Remember Ashleigh's Dining Table? Well, all of the chairs are in place and the table is gloriously set for a Christmas home tour:

And of course, the fish chairs :)

The last piece to update you on was her darling daughter Gentry's armoire. This and the dining table are still some of my most favorite pieces to ever do! The armoire has knobs now and they are just precious!

A big thank you to my sweet friend and client Ashleigh. I love her adventurous, eclectic, and flawless taste. She was so sweet to let me into her home to photograph everything. She is a precious person and I'm so lucky to not only have worked with her, but to call her friend :)