Saturday, May 17, 2014


Oh so much has been happening and I'm not going to lie, it's been insane to try and fit everything in to my schedule. So, I thought about what post I wanted to do first and it came to me that I should just do a summery. Some of these things you will see in more detail as more of the job is complete and some of these things are just the busyness of being a mom.
First up is a sneak peek at a project in my own home. I've been working on trim for this nautical cottage/rustic/eclectic/with a hint of sparkle house of mine. My styles are many but hopefully they come together well, the main thing is that it makes me happy and I love my children seeing something I've finished in the house and saying, "Mama that looks so good" or "Thank you for making this so pretty mama!" Warms a mother's heart.
I LOVE trim and millwork in a home. I love the character and the feel it lends to a space. Trim is the home's jewelry! So this is what I've been working on:

The trim is around the french doors and all the doors and windows in the house. This is a slow process for me, but it will get there eventually.

There will also be trim covering the line between the paneling and the sheetrock through the family room, breakfast nook, and kitchen. Again, another slow process but it's looking great so far…oh, and I'm still loving the painted paneling!

So while this trim was going up and I was painting it and doing a million other things; THIS girl had a dance performance:

I cannot even tell you how much I love watching her in her element! And no, those aren't false eyelashes…that's just her wearing regular mascara!

I had some fun time with my son and I really can't believe how much he's grown up this year. It really hit me hard when I saw this "selfie" of us. He's just getting so big. And smart!

I also turned Jade's old nightstands back into a vanity and will have more to post on that soon.

We had a really great Easter as well. Again - SO BIG - both of them!

I had a little fun with some springs and setting up a seasonal coffee table.
Then after all my years of doing this type of work and having paint cans all over the place and tools laying around, disaster finally struck. The kids knocked a full gallon of paint off the kitchen counter and it spilled on the kitchen carpet.

Now, I have always hated this kitchen carpet but there is this little thing called a budget I have to live by and I was willing to live with the carpet until I could afford to do something else. But this kitchen has 1950's vinyl tile under this nasty carpet. That stuff is a major pain to remove and the only thing I can afford right now is concrete. But one has to have time to pull up loads of tile and dissolve the nasty mastic and prep the floor for concrete sealing. I don't so much have that time right now but I'm getting there slowly and surely.
This is similar to what I have planned:

I found this image on Pinterest while searching sealed concrete floors and I love it. Eventually the goal for my home is wood floors throughout all the main spaces. But, I think this will look pretty great until that can happen.

There is a lot in the works for Peacock Door Designs coming up. If you're local don't forget to keep and eye out here and on the Facebook page for the dates and times for the Peacock Door Designs Boutique Garage Sale this Summer. I think it is going to be a fun time!

As the Summer holidays edge closer I'm having just a little bit more time to work on things so stay tuned for more to come soon!