Tuesday, August 30, 2016

The Guest House

I have to play favorites this time, because this time it is personal! This project is one of my favorites not only because it was for my Aunt and Uncle, but because I did so many pieces. Not the least of which is this glorious bed!!!

This was the first time I have ever made a king sized bed and I loved it!!!

 I'm positive you can't tell that I'm proud of this or anything...

 It got a whitewashed stain (pickling) to keep with the light and airy cottage theme my client was aiming for. I LOVE this bed y'all!!!

Then I also had several pieces to makeover:

This little side table wanted to bleed stain color through my paint, so I had to pull out the big tricks to get this little one to stay pretty.

 This was probably my favorite makeover piece! With the little crystal knobs and the distressed edges, it just makes me happy!

 These cute little table were metal. 

 These two little tables had drawers, but the client had a vision and I agreed wholeheartedly! The shabby chic paint and the natural baskets made these just perfect! They had to be converted to shelves where the drawers were in the bottom, but then they were just precious!

 I did four of these little stools. They were raw wood and I stained them with a dark brownish-gray stain, sealed them, and then painted and distressed them to fit in with the rest of the space.

 This little corner shelf had seen better days, but as soon as I saw it, I knew that it could be amazing! It turned out just as I imagined it and I think it is pretty cute! The little woven shelves just make me happy!

This was a big project that also had to be delivered to another town and I'm so blessed that I have such awesome family that support me and my business and give me these opportunities! 

Thursday, August 25, 2016

All Those Pretty Lights

Lighting has rapidly become one of my absolute favorite things to work on. Any facet of it: building a fixture from scratch, making over a sad and dated fixture, painting them, re-wiring, testing them...I LOVE it!!! I'm a bit of a nerd, so I really love building them the most. These are a couple from the past that I'm sure some of you will remember:

I often sketch to see what I will end up with. This was how the light looked originally and below is what it was transformed into.

 This was such a fun light to make! One of my all-time favorites!!!

 This one is still my most requested. People want different types and colors! This one is a Peacock Door Designs original and the entire thing was built by me.

Another highly requested chandelier is my very own.

Now on to some of the ones I have done this year. All of them have been so different, and some were even just re-wiring jobs. But, they have all been so fun!

This one needed to be brought up to date.
 Once hung in the space, you can see how large it actually was. Rubbing the silver leaf on this was a task indeed.

This sad little milk glass fixture just needed to be taken apart, cleaned, painted, re-wired, and then hung in my room! That's right! I kept this little cutie!

When it comes to re-wiring, this is my best friend. This is my all in one light tester. I can test bulbs, plugs, if the wiring is still working...it does it all!

These cute little lamps just needed to be re-wired for my client.

All of these things were bright shiny brass and needed to be an antiqued brass to look appropriate.
This was interesting and required me spraying multiple sprays at the same time to achieve the desired end result!

The last one for today is a more recent fixture. This one is also quite large!

 This light had so very many steps to go through!

In the end, it was just perfect though. Antiqued gray finish, jute wrapped candle covers...just YUM!

So, if you're renovating and you come across an old fixture, rather than throwing it in the dumpster why not see if it can be reimagined into something wonderful!?!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Upholstery Overload

What?!? It's been eight months since I have blogged? Say it ain't so!!! Life has certainly been intense for these few months. I've gone back through pictures and invoices and realize now that my life is kind of a bit ridiculous. I counted, 137 projects since January 1st. Plus working at a second job since the end of April, being a mom to two very fun kids, and keeping up with this old time capsule house that I actually think is trying to kill me... 


This time, I'm going to show you guys just a sampling of the upholstery that has been done in that time period.




Guys, this chair is just...ahhh! I don't have words for how much I love it!

 This little chair didn't even have a seat. All of it had to be replaced, then reupholstered.

Before, burnt orange velvet

After, gorgeous textured neutral! I did two of these.

Banquette Cushions

Medium ottoman with iron base

 Before and after barstools (upholstery only by PDD, paint done by client)

So many pillows

 Little clouds for my favorite photographer to have as props.

 Beautiful pillows and ottoman for one of my favorite people and best client's

Like I said, these are just a few of the upholstery jobs that have come my way since January this year. Upholstery is quickly taking over as the main trade for me. It is crazy intense and very involved but I'm up for the challenge. I'm hoping to make a bit more time and post more frequently. Thank you to all who have supported me and spread the word about my work. It has been and interesting ride!