Monday, May 27, 2013

My Time Capsule House

Things happen for a reason. My husband and I have been wanting to move for a while but it just never seemed like the right time. Our little house was great, but as our family grew up it seemed to get tighter and tighter. While I had made improvements for storage it still always seemed  a little cramped. So, I dreamed of moving a lot. I checked real estate constantly and drew up plans to build a dream house...okay so I drew up 3 different sets and couldn't really decide between them. But, that's all it was, a dream.
Then after making the decision to stay put for a while so we could make smarter financial decisions, a voicemail changed everything.
A close friend of mine called and left a voicemail that a house in her neighborhood was up for sale. When I called her back to talk to her about it I said, "Lara, you know Brandon is going to say no right now."
But, I looked online and thought it was great. The houses in that neighborhood are older, but they have lots of space, sizable yards, are well built, and most importantly have close friends and acquaintances there.
So, I sent my husband a text expecting to be shot down and his reply was, "roll"
Since then it has been a whirlwind. A blur of time when our house was shown 3 times a day pretty constantly, sold in nine days, and we had to be out in a month.
Here we are in the new house. So many people are wanting to see what I got myself into, I get daily requests to show pictures. I have big, bold and beautiful plans for this house. This is our forever house so I really get to do exactly what I want and really make it US!
For now though...for now it's my 1959 time capsule. Small changes are already being made, but most of the pictures I'm showing to you are from the real estate ad for the house. 

The front: while it looks quite charming, it needs paint and those flowers are fake...yes, I said fake. My daughter and the daughter of a friend and now neighbor, pulled all the fake flowers out - set up a little stand-and sold those faded fake flowers. 


The Kitchen - yes my oven is original to the house...1959 enamel

Family Room

Formal Living Room and Formal Dining Room

I had to show the closet doors in the hallway - I laughed out loud when I saw them in person

The mirrored wall at the end of the bedroom hallway is also vintage

These brass vertical blinds are beyond words. They were also in a full length version on the mudroom door to act as the divider between it and the kitchen...I have fun white elephant gift ideas in mind with these blinds.

This is the Hall Bath or Kids Bath

Jade's Room

Jade's Closet

Dylan's Room

Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Back yard - this alone (in my opinion) was worth the price of the mortgage

Yes, that is a custom 5" backset on my front door. Just another one of those fun little vintage details that are all over the house.
And this is the day we moved in. Furniture and boxes everywhere! It looks much better now.

The fun part about this house is, I will reveal it room by room as we renovate, update, and turn it into our dream home. Wish me luck! I have a feeling we're going to need it!

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  1. I love the time capsule. New fun things to discover. EVERY day is an adventure and a challenge. One day we WILL look back and laugh...