Thursday, May 9, 2013


Chaos is the term that best fits my life right now.
I'm packing like a madwoman and still trying to keep my sanity while working, being a mom to two VERY busy children, keeping a few children, and organizing a move that was quite unexpected. So I'm going to strip it down for this post.

I sold the china cabinet - I think it turned out great and I am pretty sure I have a very happy customer!

I'm feeling nostalgic and so tonight while we loaded a trailer full of our holiday decorations, the extra big dog house, and the contents of our storage shed, I looked up and my daughter was climbing in the oak tree...she does this daily, but it suddenly hit me that this is almost the end of that. It's one of the last times for her to climb in that tree. I turned and grabbed my camera out of my purse (that's where it lives) and started snapping away. 

My son playing with his beloved dinosaurs and my daughter climbing higher and higher.

In the middle of all this chaos - that was my peace

But I can't leave you with just that. It IS dance recital season for the little Duchess in this house. This is one of my favorite times of the year. Not because she's adorable when she dances, or because she is so excited for about a month that she practically vibrates. No, I love it because I get to do this:

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