Thursday, May 2, 2013

Furniture Transformation - Buffet

At the beginning of last summer I got this buffet

It was beautiful as it was, but too dark for my own tastes and some of the details needed repair. I made it into a lovely TV console because I needed something for that purpose and this house was a little small for a buffet in the dining area.

I saved the drawers I took out - I even saved the original runners for those drawers. I stashed them in the attic because I knew one day that it would be a buffet again. As we are packing and moving from this house I'm finishing up details and trying to make the move as smooth as possible. To me it makes more sense to fix these things now so we can just unload them into the new house and not have to worry about it.
So I climbed up in the attic yesterday, hauled down the drawers, and got busy!
First I took out the shelves I had made for all of our components. Then I cleaned up the drawers. I glued the old runners back into place after making sure the drawers fit right.

Then I busted out the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old White (sometimes I feel like I've painted the world with that one shade of her paint) and in less than an hour the drawers were ready for distressing and wax.
Now it's all finished. It's emptied out and the room is almost completely packed. She gets to be a real buffet in the new house, and I couldn't be any happier!!!

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  1. Just beautiful - love that pop of color in the middle - what a perfect idea!