Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Table

Every once in a while you get asked to make a piece over and it just makes you giddy. Not because the current piece is so pretty, but because the current piece would be heading for a garage sale soon if it wasn't made over ;)
I loathe tile on counters and table tops. LOATHE! Some think it is purely because of aesthetics, but if you know me really well you know it's because of the grout. The grout gets so dirty and collects crumbs and the tiles can crack if they weren't installed correctly. To me it's just not practical. This table was that way for me and I'm so glad that my client wanted me to make it over! A lot of people bought these tables in the early 90's. The legs are still fabulous but the tops...mercy me the tops!

Can you say dated?
So off to the lumber yard I went!

I picked out this gorgeous 7/8 poplar and went to my dad's shop to work.
I won't bore you with writing about each step but I'll show some pictures of them.

 I did some layering of stains to accomplish the color I needed and many many coats of satin finish.The legs were painted black. 
I want this table, I love it!!!

This was my favorite section of the whole table.

I am extremely pleased with how this turned out and am looking forward to what is about to come my way!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

My Favorite Chair

Every once in a while I just have to do something for my own home so I don't burn out. A few years back my mother and I were out shopping at one of my favorite antique shops here in town. I was specifically looking for a chair, which usually means that I can't find one, but this time I did! I found this 100+ year old beauty.

I knew that I wanted a specific look for it. At the time my bedroom was black, silvery gray, and mineral green. The wood on the chair was pretty banged up. I know it doesn't show that much in the picture, but it was.  Took all the upholstery off and painted it a pearlized black. I then upholstered it with silvery gray velvet and used nickel nail head trim. It was pretty, but it was also the first time I had done a full reupholster or used nail heads...I chose the wrong type of fabric and made a zillion holes in the chair.

This was the only picture I could find of it that way.

Next I painted it a blue/green and upholstered it in gray tweed. It stayed unfinished for years!

Changing things up in my own home lately I realized that I wanted a different look altogether. I came across this photo and fell pretty hard for the look!

I found this on Pinterest and didn't save the link...bad little blogger!

So I went to work.  I stripped off the unfinished tweed upholstery and painted the chair frame with Annie Sloane Chalk Paint in old white.

You can see my fabric sewn together and flung over the chair in the background. The hard part was making the piping to match up perfectly with the chair. As you sew the piping cord it stretches a bit so this was a bit of trial and error. I also wanted an extremely clean look so every time the fabric color changed, I changed the thread color as well. That means that because I was doing double welt cord I changed the thread 10 times while sewing for the top of the chair and 10 times for the seat of the chair! This was not fun and took a lot of time, but I knew the look would make it worth while in the end!

I love how cute the pillow I made from my daughter's dress looks in this chair! For me it just makes it!

I LOVE this chair. It will be staying this way for many years!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Laundry Room Inspiration

A while back I showed you guys that I was planning a renovation of my laundry/mudroom earlier than scheduled because of a plumbing issue. It's still not complete. I finally made it to the point that I have all of my plans in order.
I wanted to show you all my inspiration for this space. I'm actually really excited about all of this!

Storage solutions are the biggest part of this space. I don't want to see any clutter at all!

One side of this will actually have a faux drawer at the bottom. I'm big on symmetry and I want the cabinets to match, but I also need one side to be a broom and vacuum closet. 

Much like this:

I'm wanting to also add these pull out sweater drying racks into the section that has the laundry baskets.

I'll be adding a wood counter top over the laundry machines.

I also am adding a sink into the space. I'm still trying to choose between these two styles.

Which sink would you choose?

I already have ideas for planked walls, white and gray paint for the walls, mint green for cabinet paint, black iron for fixtures, and whiskey lids as cabinet knobs.

The domino effect is a HUGE one in this space. There are so many things that I will have to do in stages, so this space will evolve over time. I'm so excited that it will be starting soon! Cant wait to give you all the next update!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Light to Dark

Sometimes you absolutely love a piece of furniture you have but maybe not the color or the placement. This piece was that kind of piece for my client.
It was being used as a dresser but she had visions of it becoming a buffet in their dining area. The color was all wrong for the dining area though and she really wasn't that fond of how orange the original finish was.

Rustic and Original

The first go round, the stain was splotchy and I was pretty sad. I had to sand this piece raw because the stripper alone wasn't good enough to get an even look with the stain.

The hardware also required a makeover and black iron it was!

(People are always making comments about my nails. Yes, they are real. I cut them off even with my finger tips every two weeks and this is how they grow. I don't do anything else to them. Just got lucky I guess.)

After several hours of sanding, staining, sealing, and a hardware makeover I finally had this:

I had many people stop and ask if this piece and the pie safe were for sale. All were sad when I said that the pieces belonged to clients so that made me feel very good!

Another satisfied client! Now on to the next piece!

Monday, June 22, 2015

Parade of Homes: Turquoise and Nickel Chandelier

It's the end of the Parade of Homes and it has been so fun! I hope you were all able to go out to Oakmont and see this gorgeous home!
Guys! I'm a bit ridiculously proud of this bit of work. Sometimes you complete something and it doesn't matter how many things you've completed before that were similar. It doesn't even matter how much you loved those pieces and still do love those pieces…this new piece just makes you so proud of your own work. This is that piece for me.
I've transformed several different things into light fixtures in just this past year alone, but this was the first time I made a light fixture completely from scratch!

My client knew she wanted something fun and original for her youngest daughter's room. We looked and looked, sending each other pictures and nothing really hit us as THE fixture until this light:

It was almost perfect.
This fixture had an antique brass finish, antique mirrors, and was a bit on the expensive side.
I knew we were going for a more modern spin, cooler toned metals in this room, and not to spend so much. So I proposed that I could make it. 

My quick sketch below:

So, here we go. I started by gathering all of my parts.

The frame

The center piece (custom work by Vance Gilstrap)

Almost all of the gorgeous nickel lighting parts

Yes, this was a handmade piece. I strung and glued every single piece of turquoise on this chandelier.

I wired up the light after putting it together.

I sat in a chair and watched Friends for hours while doing this.

I cannot even explain my joy when it was complete and looked so amazing. You can get a better sense of scale when you see it sitting the front seat of my car. It is NOT small.

Sneak peek with it on in the room

I love this light! I've already had requests for more in different colors.

I know these last two pictures are really too big for my blog page, but I really don't care. It's totally worth seeing enlarged like this!

It may be completely dorky, but every time I see this light I think, "I MADE that!"
Sleek lines, nickel finish, small round bulbs all equals awesomeness! 

I hope you guys have all enjoyed seeing these spaces that I worked on for my amazing client and this Parade Home.