Thursday, June 13, 2013

Jessica's Pillows

I finally feel like I am getting back to my regular pace. 
Things are still a tad disjointed but I can manage now.
Earlier this week a completely wonderful and long awaited for package arrived! My client Jessica had been VERY patiently waiting for me to sew 4 little pillows since before our move. I had the fabric and I can whip together 4 pillows moderately quickly. So what was the problem you ask? I ordered the down pillow inserts from one company only to be told 3 days after placing the order that one size I had chosen was no longer available and the other size was I chose another company. Only you can't get fast shipping from them. So I placed the order, waited 4 days to receive a shipping notice and 7 more days for the pillows to finally come.
But, finally it all came together!
I made my own piping and whipped them up as quickly as possible.

I always try to make pillows double-sided so you can change the look up from day to day

The houndstooth is probably my favorite pillow I've ever made! I want this pillow...

The two lumbar pillows are the exact same:chevron ikat on one side and a modern multi plaid on the other. I love all of these fabrics. They are just so fun!

I can't wait to see them in Jessica's space. She was excited to have them and loves them. It's always a great feeling when your client loves what you've done.

At the end of a long day of being patient with mom, my son (who is 9) said, "Mama, I just love how you make everything so nice to look at. It's awesome!" Then he promptly fell asleep under the coffee table.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Something I Adore

I do this post from time to time mostly to share what is of great personal interest to me and to see if it strikes a chord with anyone else as well.
Right now I am all about cottage appeal. The new house is well suited to what I have found as my signature design style: coastal Nantucket cottage meets farmhouse chic. 
I know that's not actually a thing but those are the combinations that appeal to me and to my (becoming pickier the older he gets) husband.
I'm fairly traditional: I like the classic look, Craftsman architectural details, a little bit of rustic, and a little bit of glam. It's fairly eclectic, but I feel like that's what makes it more real for our family.
Right now all I can think about is the details: trim work, planked ceilings, wood floors, and scads of honed marble tile. 
These are a few of my favorite things that I just can't stop looking up whenever I have even two seconds to sit at the computer!

I love the white painted ceilings here

I do have an obsession with Sarah Richardson's designs. Her designs are so spot on to what I love it's hard not to be obsessed. I adore her eco-friendly cottage (the dining space is pictured below). My signature colors are blues,grays, and jade greens so it's pretty much my dream space.

Her farmhouse also resonates with me. I could live there happily for the rest of my life ;)

Her most recent work was seen in webisodes on her design site and combines the cottage/farmhouse appeal. I love this place!!! I love that she keeps the wood ceiling raw and just whitewashes it. The place only has 8 foot ceilings, but the wood doesn't make it feel small. Instead it opens it up!

I'm hoping to bring out my house's inner cottage a bit more with a few details like these. Just another little something that I adore.
Wish me luck, I'm about to get to planking!

Monday, June 10, 2013

Our Tree and Trials

You know that time when you're supposed to be working like a crazy person? When you've staggered clients to have the most efficient use of your time? I just did that. I had it all planned out, had clients staggered and all sorts of grand plans made. Then, several things happened at once: We moved, the attic isn't decked here yet so the garage is full of things that should be in the attic - that does not make for a great working environment, then I had trouble getting in the really good down pillow inserts for a client, then the plumbing backed up on us, then a massive storm came through and took out our favorite tree.

Right after it fell - taken from my front door
It missed the house by two feet...very grateful for small blessings right now!

My husband said, "I wish we could tell people a really cool story like 'it was hit by lightening' but no, it was just 80+ mph winds!"

My husband loved this tree and wanted to save the half we had left. Here he is cutting up what was already down in the yard.

We noticed something super sad the next day. The other half was already leaning from the weight stress - we had to lose it all :( I cannot explain how sad we are about this. This tree was one of the reasons we bought our house!

So the next morning, bright and early, my husband grabbed some coffee and with the help of a great friend, cut down the rest of our giant tree.

It was so huge it looked like we were barricading our house! So much work for one guy, but  my husband is that awesome!!!
Frankly, I was starting to feel like things were stacked against me with all these things happening back to back. Things are back on track now. My clients pillow inserts finally came in so I am a sewing fool. The garage is in slightly more order and a bit easier to work in so Im busy with client work there as well. I finally feel like I can breathe again! 
Can't wait to show you all what else has been happening around here!