Thursday, August 25, 2016

All Those Pretty Lights

Lighting has rapidly become one of my absolute favorite things to work on. Any facet of it: building a fixture from scratch, making over a sad and dated fixture, painting them, re-wiring, testing them...I LOVE it!!! I'm a bit of a nerd, so I really love building them the most. These are a couple from the past that I'm sure some of you will remember:

I often sketch to see what I will end up with. This was how the light looked originally and below is what it was transformed into.

 This was such a fun light to make! One of my all-time favorites!!!

 This one is still my most requested. People want different types and colors! This one is a Peacock Door Designs original and the entire thing was built by me.

Another highly requested chandelier is my very own.

Now on to some of the ones I have done this year. All of them have been so different, and some were even just re-wiring jobs. But, they have all been so fun!

This one needed to be brought up to date.
 Once hung in the space, you can see how large it actually was. Rubbing the silver leaf on this was a task indeed.

This sad little milk glass fixture just needed to be taken apart, cleaned, painted, re-wired, and then hung in my room! That's right! I kept this little cutie!

When it comes to re-wiring, this is my best friend. This is my all in one light tester. I can test bulbs, plugs, if the wiring is still does it all!

These cute little lamps just needed to be re-wired for my client.

All of these things were bright shiny brass and needed to be an antiqued brass to look appropriate.
This was interesting and required me spraying multiple sprays at the same time to achieve the desired end result!

The last one for today is a more recent fixture. This one is also quite large!

 This light had so very many steps to go through!

In the end, it was just perfect though. Antiqued gray finish, jute wrapped candle covers...just YUM!

So, if you're renovating and you come across an old fixture, rather than throwing it in the dumpster why not see if it can be reimagined into something wonderful!?!

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