Tuesday, September 13, 2011


So we've been in our house for 6 years now and slowly but surely I have gone through and really tried to make it our own. I've ripped out walls and put in new cabinetry, changed carpet to wood, and vinyl to ceramic or stone. Hopefully what I have now will appeal to a new buyer eventually, but it has certainly made things easier, more functional, and nicer looking for us! I'm just going to share a few pictures of what I have done so far. The first thing that had to be taken care of was the kitchen, it was too small and didn't function well for a family of four! But I'm now making changes to it again so I'll post pics of that later. The second thing I did was paint the hallway between the kids bedrooms. When I started all of the walls in my house were plain white (I needed color), but there was also this horrible arch. I like a good arch...a GOOD arch, mine was not. It wasn't executed all that well to begin with and the hallway is small so it blocked natural light and made the white hallway seem dark and even smaller. So the arch had to go!
(That's my awesome dad - he helps me execute all this)

This is all prepped for the sheetrock and texture

Base Coat - 
The paint was great but I still wanted something more. So after taping and painting, and taping and painting, and taping and painting some more I finally got what I wanted! Color, pattern, and LOTS of interest!
I love the way the light hits all the different finishes!

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