Sunday, May 13, 2012

Emily's Pillow

I don't sew, or I didn't...then Pinterest came along and I started having all these crazy ideas. Ideas like "Hey you can sew, it seems like everyone else is." Or, "It can't be that difficult!" I got this crazy idea to surprise my friend Monica with a pillow for her little girl Emily. I wanted to try my hand at this sewing thing and I had done a bit of it already by this point. So, I had fabric samples and I had pinned the item I wanted to copy. I was ready to go!
Or so I thought. I don't have a sewing machine, I always use my mothers. My wonderful parents were out of town and I decided to lug my children to their house and spend the afternoon doing Pinterest projects. I got there and thought I would just automatically know how to thread my mothers sewing machine...I did NOT know how. I could have called her and asked, but I honestly didn't want her to know that I couldn't do it. Yes, I am that stubborn!!!  So, I whipped out my handy dandy little iPhone and Googled it! I watched a tutorial on the brand of machine my mother has and I got it done. My mother still does not know this, thankfully! Anyway I got down to business and cranked out the pillow. I think it turned out pretty cute and Monica seemed thrilled and Emily hugged it tight so I was happy.

I don't know why it looks red in this picture...I will blame the awful fluorescent lights

You can see my little circles in the background

Before it was sewn together with the back panel

From the side

Back panel

Finally the finished product. I gotta say, I really think I want one for myself ;)

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