Saturday, February 22, 2014

I'm Back

This blog has mostly been about my work with furniture and decor. Family moments have been squeezed in here and there because all I have ever done, I have done for my family. I do the furniture and decor because it is a passion yes, but also because it was a way for me to make some money for my family and stay at home where I felt I needed to be with my children. But life is strange sometimes, so this post is going to be more personal.
For the majority of my life I have lived a fairly blessed existence. I grew up the baby of three in a family that adored me. I had loving parents who always put God first and were amazing examples for us kids. I've always had fantastic friends. I fell in love at the age most girls do, was married, and started living my fairytale. I had a wonderful guy, started a family, and then we bought a home and I found my passion for decor, DIY, and furniture.
Last year I hit a pretty major bump in my fairytale, pretty big turbulence, when my mother passed away. It rocked me hard. Some days it still does. Then things were looking up again. We got a new home closer to some amazing friends and closer to my father. We called it 'Our forever home' and I started making the plans to make it ours.
Someway, somehow, the fairytale crashed and burned. This is a journey I never wanted to take and still cannot believe it is happening. 
I've gone back to work now, full-time, outside the home. My passion for furniture and design has had to take a back seat while I have gotten things in order. Things are looking up just a bit more now. I enjoy my job and have met some truly amazing people. 
Even though things haven't worked out the way I thought they would, I have realized how blessed I still am. I have realized how many more friends I have than I thought I did. I have realized how much God has been at work in my life by bringing those people to me and placing me where I needed to be at the right times. It truly amazes me.
Now, even though I am working outside the home for the first time in 11.5 years, and even though my children are at a crazy busy age, I am still too much in love with my passion to give it up completely.
Peacock Door Designs is back up and running. Even though it is only a part time job (for now) I am still going to be posting some amazing client work, keep you updated on this crazy time capsule house, and throw in a bit more of me and my kiddos as well. It may be longer between posts and some of the plans I have will take much more time to complete now, but I love this crazy blogging world of DIY and decor too much to let it go.
So from me and my little ones I want to say thank you for following and reading in the past and we hope you continue to read more in the future.
Thank You - Paula

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