Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tommy Bahama Table

The sale went pretty well and I was pleased with the turn out and so happy to meet a lot of you. Probably the most talked about piece was the striped table and chairs with the Tommy Bahama fabric. So many people wanted it but didn't have a place for it and so many others just admired it. I was sure it wouldn't last long and was surprised when it was still around after the sale. But, it was just waiting for the right owner!
This table started out pretty beat up. It had been well loved and used by a precious family, but seriously needed help. It had great lines but needed a few fixes and a new look.

You can see here that it had missing apron pieces on the extra leaf. It needed to match to look complete in my opinion so that was remedied. Aren't the chairs so cute?

Then came the math of figuring out how to make stripes that would still line up even when taking out the leaves...

This is always the terrifying part. The part when you just hope that all of your prep work and painting carefully paid off.

Thankfully it did! Big smiles all around when the tape comes off this clean.

Next came the chairs. The upholstery on these was nuts!
It started with brown suede,

Then there was burnt orange velvet, which Eli loved.

Then there was burnt orange silk shantung.

Finally I got down to the foam!

I think these seats are so precious now. I just love them.

Then I had to paint the chairs, we all know how I feel about spindles but these are just adorable chairs!

This was the final product and I was very pleased with it. It's off to its new home now and I know it is well loved!

Now on to the next one...

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