Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A Nursery Rocking Chair

About six weeks ago I did a post about a beautiful dresser I had painted for a nursery. Just after the dresser was completed I also did a nursery chair for the same sweet baby girl. Since then I have been so busy it has been difficult to get all of the pictures organized and actually find time for blogging. But, I love this part and I don't want to quit! I decided I will be doing short little blogs here and there until I can get caught up (ha ha ha).
The chair was in slight disrepair when I got it. Some sanding was needed, some wood filler, and the wood was also fairly dry. Repair work is very time consuming, but it's also incredibly rewarding.

It was snowing and quite cold at the time so I did the repair work inside my house.
Next  I had to start the upholstery. The chair didn't come with cushions so I had to make some this time. The fabrics were so cute and I loved working on this project.

The chair got a nice few coats of white to match the dresser.

Cute little nursery rocker for a sweet baby girl.
On to the next one!

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