Thursday, January 12, 2012

Gentry's Nightstands

My next project for Ashleigh was for her sweet little girl Gentry. She had these nightstands and they were pretty cute already but needed a pop of color to pull her room all together. Ashleigh had seen what I did with Jade's nightstands and loved the stripe. Since one of Gentry's tables looked very similar she thought it would be a great look and I agreed. So when I got started this is what I had...and yes I forgot to take true before pictures. I'm actually getting pretty bad about that, you would think I would get better!

Table 1

Table 2

Yes yes, when I remembered to photograph them I had already started priming table 2. Anyway, table 1 she wanted to be heavily distressed while still showing off the pop of color. So I painted it a soft cream first and then I painted a coat of the green. The green is called liquid jade and I love the color!!! As you can see the color looks wonderful in my living room

Then I had to distress it. This is where I will warn all of you NOT to do your arms workout the day before or even two days before you distress a piece of furniture! Not my smartest move ever. But, the distressing went well and the table looks fabulous!

Now for table 2. This I had to prime with 2 coats of primer thanks to the old stain that kept seeping through and turning the primer pink. Then I put on two coats of the same soft cream I used on table 1. Had to let that dry and we had a couple of cold days so it took a while. Then I taped it off and striped it

Don't you think the pull-back cars add just the right touch to the background of the picture? Anyway, this is what I ended up with:

Table 1

Table 2

Ashleigh was pleased once more and I fell in love with the distressing process a little bit, so you'll probably be seeing it more. Not to mention  I found a new favorite paint color. All around another fun and successful job!

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