Thursday, August 9, 2012

Emily's Jewelry Box

Last year for Emily's 2nd birthday I had wanted to make her some things for her new big girl room. I made her this pillow and my intentions were to make a little jewelry box that would be complimentary. The pillow I finished in time for her birthday...the jewelry box not so much!

I wanted to stencil it with a cute little paisley stencil, but either I super stink at stencils or the quality of the one I had purchased for this project was very bad. Then I ended up sanding and re-painting the thing about three times. I finally decided to stripe it. When I got started though (almost a year later) stripes just seemed so boring! 

What about PLAID! 

I painted the outside with ASCP in Old White then painted the inside with some craft paint.

Then I whipped out the painters tape and got busy!

I waxed and buffed it when all the paint was dry. I imagine that it will get banged up and loved on, but that is exactly what I made it for!

I think the final product was pretty cute

I think she liked it ;)

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