Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Pennie's Barstools

There comes  a point, every once in a while, where you don't listen to your instincts. The instincts that tell you that you should really NOT try a certain paint color or do something a certain way...and you really should've listened to your little inner voice because you end up doing the same pieces twice. But then, this amazing thing happens and when you finish that project up for the last time it is so incredible that people want to purchase the project and are really sad when you tell them that they can't because it's for a client. Well, this was that project for me.

My daughter just had to model her first day of school outfit while on the barstool. She was obsessed with these stools, and Pennie's house, and Pennie's grandkids playroom. She still talks about it all the time.

Pennie's house is pretty fabulous from top to bottom, but these barstools were so dark and they really needed to pop. Let's make'em pop! She has a very large island in her kitchen that was painted a red and then dry brushed with turquoise. 

This was the first look:
Looks good against the island, but I was never thrilled with the brown seats against the red and Pennie felt the same

You can really see the major problem here...the stools totally fade into the brick wall. No pop at all!

So I shared my original instincts for color options with Pennie and this is exactly what she wanted. YAY!

So this one may have taken a detour, but wow what an ending! Pennie was very happy and so was I. My sweet daughter still misses the stools being in our house ;)

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