Sunday, October 7, 2012

Dylan's Cabinet

This is the story of a gun cabinet. 
A gun cabinet that I saw as something else entirely...
My husband's Grandfather built this cabinet many years ago, well he built two almost identical gun cabinets. We chose one, and Brandon's cousin took the other. I love free things, especially free things with GREAT sentimental value.

This is probably the driest piece of furniture I have ever worked on. I didn't ask Grandaddy, but I'm pretty sure it never had a protective coat on it. It took some sanding because it was rough but I was able to apply stain without stripping it. I did a test patch to make sure:

Soaked the stain right up!
 I took out the center piece because I wasn't going to put the doors back on. You can also really see how dry it was. I mean wow!

Drilled holes for shelves, I won't go into all the detail of this because frankly it haunts me and would also make this the longest post in history. But I finally got it to work.

Then I made shelves

Yea for level shelves!
I think this turned out beautifully in my sons room. I still have a few baskets to get, but it's serving it's purpose and it's pretty stinking cute I think.

In this picture you can see just a tiny bit of Dylan's new window as well. We are so happy to have finally gotten him a new one. You can all ignore the hideous backyard beyond - we're working on that this Spring/Summer.

And of course I love the little toys as bookends with the vintage children's books

One more project down for my Dylan's room. I'm loving it!

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