Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All In The Plan

I've had a plan for this house since I walked through it the first time with my amazing realtor. In my head, it was going to happen in sections, tackling the most offensive areas first and then moving on to tweaking the smaller ones.
I've done a few things so far like the bathroom flooring, painting out paneling and walls, and the breakfast nook
This is about my son's room.

Above is the picture from the real estate listing. Below is the closet that was in this room.

This house is laid out almost perfectly for me, but there are a few things that I felt needed to be changed for better functionality for the way we live. Here is a small section of the original layout of how my son's room connects to the rest of the house.

His closet was the center section with the other two sections opening up into the master. (there will be more plans revealed for that space in the future)

As you can see below, I closed that closet up to make more wall space in his bedroom.

But now the boy needed a closet. Here is the plan for what I am doing right now.

The hall closet was taken over and is being made into Dylan's custom closet. The view from the hall looked like this when we moved in:

Gold lattice covered doors and all!

So, off came the doors. But before the big demolition began my daughter's cat Eli decided that we emptied this entire closet just for him.

The walls did come down though. This is looking from the entry hall into Dylan's room.

This is the view from Dylan's room to the front door and his beloved cat Tennant Rory (can you tell that my son loves Doctor Who?) Tennant wasn't fond of the construction and was quite loud about it.

Here is that same view after the wall was framed in and the drywall was up.

Below is the view from the entry hall once I had done a little mudding.

Obviously this bit of construction impacted the hallway and I will have more to reveal on that in the future as well. Yes, this is the domino effect. In this case though, it is such a beautiful one that I don't mind. There have been other domino effects lately that have not been so pleasant. Things like plumbing, but that's for another post entirely.

I scoured many many houzz and Pinterest boards to find the best solution for the built-ins in Dylan's new closet. I found a lot of really great options but this one drew me in the most. I altered the final plans slightly but the overall concept is the same.

I can't wait for this space to be finished and show you all the reveal. As of right now this is my favorite room in the house…other than the breakfast nook.

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