Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Table

Every once in a while you get asked to make a piece over and it just makes you giddy. Not because the current piece is so pretty, but because the current piece would be heading for a garage sale soon if it wasn't made over ;)
I loathe tile on counters and table tops. LOATHE! Some think it is purely because of aesthetics, but if you know me really well you know it's because of the grout. The grout gets so dirty and collects crumbs and the tiles can crack if they weren't installed correctly. To me it's just not practical. This table was that way for me and I'm so glad that my client wanted me to make it over! A lot of people bought these tables in the early 90's. The legs are still fabulous but the tops...mercy me the tops!

Can you say dated?
So off to the lumber yard I went!

I picked out this gorgeous 7/8 poplar and went to my dad's shop to work.
I won't bore you with writing about each step but I'll show some pictures of them.

 I did some layering of stains to accomplish the color I needed and many many coats of satin finish.The legs were painted black. 
I want this table, I love it!!!

This was my favorite section of the whole table.

I am extremely pleased with how this turned out and am looking forward to what is about to come my way!

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