Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Burlap and Muslin Christmas - Tree Skirt

Last year was an extremely busy winter for me. Starting in the late Fall, I was booked solid through the end of January. That was such a blessing and a crazy awesome experience for me as well. In the midst of all of that I decided I needed to get all Pinterest crafty and make new Christmas decor. Pinterest was full of tutorials on 'fast and easy' and 'no sew' options. However, my children are little demons when it comes to destruction and I knew that none of those easier options would hold up for our household. So I merged a few of those tutorials into one and came up with my own version.
I had never had a tree skirt and I decided the old blanket just wasn't good enough anymore and that regardless of my busyness I was going to have a tree skirt!!!
This is what I put together:

Burlap and Muslin

Cut them into strips. By the way, don't you love the vintage yard stick...sigh, they just don't make them like that anymore!

Used the muslin for the base and serged the edges. Next came the tedious part, the pinning.

After once around I was feeling super excited! This was going to be awesome!

Five hours later, with burlap burn and arms aching from holding the weight of the skirt while sewing, I was not thinking awesome...I was thinking 'idiot'

Then, when all was finished, I was in awesome-land again. It turned out perfect! I had to cram it into one night because I had planned a Christmas Brunch for my ladies and I wanted everything to look great! This is such a lousy picture of my tree with the skirt under it, but I honestly couldn't find the one I had originally taken.

Here it is all spread out - I still just love it!

It suits my house and I am so happy that I did it. I'm even more glad that I took the time and sewed it rather than hot glued it. This is something I want to last for a long time!

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