Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Chalkboard Wall

Are your kids Disney channel addicts too? Do you have to set time limits and then turn into Nazi mom to enforce it? Don't get me wrong, my kids run and play, my daughter reads like crazy and plays pretend constantly, my son will play with his dinosaurs and make his own ice age out of water and large tupperware...but if the TV is on Disney channel it's like the world stops!
A particular favorite (I will admit it's a favorite of mine as well) is Good Luck Charlie. 

I actually love the fun house set for that show. It's cute, casual, and so family friendly.
One thing my kids loved the most was the chalkboard refrigerator. 

I wanted to have a place like that in the new house, but I didn't really want it on the fridge. So after I knew the house was ours  I started planning.
I decided that this wall was prime for the casual artistic feel of a chalkboard.

All I had to do was take off the wood valance, the paneling, add sheetrock, and then paint it. All of you environmental people will be happy to know that I am reusing the paneling elsewhere in the house. I'm the queen of reusing and renewing things. I wish I could say it was caused by me feeling the need to help the environment alone - but I'm just cheap ;)

So I took it all off and stacked it up to the side.

I cut it, hung it, mudded and taped it, and sanded it ALONE!!! Please be impressed, I was was super proud of myself! I'm only 5'3".
Then it was primer and multiple coats of chalkboard paint.

I love it! The kids write on it all the time and my husband even puts in a few words now and then.

I posted the house rules...they still get ignored.

Then I started painting the paneling. That turned into a snowball kind of thing, but I'll discuss that more later.

Finally we have a little creative area for the kids and they love it!

(All of the pictures of the Good Luck Charlie set are from Google images)

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