Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Cowgirl Round Up Birthday

My baby is 8. Eight!!! How did that happen?
Way back in August I had asked her what type of party she wanted thinking I was such a good mom for remembering to start early with the planning. She said she wanted a cowgirl party. 
Well, I asked her in advance and had good ideas, then promptly forgot about it until she gets in the car with an invitation to another little girl's birthday...a little girl who's birthday is a week after hers!
"Mama, my birthday is in 10 days! Have you sent out the invitations yet?"
"Ummmm, no. Who do you want to invite? I need to do text invitations because snail mail won't work. I'm so sorry Duchess I forgot!"
"Don't worry mama. Let's just have a few over and make it really fancy and a sleepover!"
So, I said 'deal' like it was no big, but I panicked. Yes I did. How was I going to pull off intimate and fancy in 10 days with my work load? 
Another issue is (and this is brutal honesty time) I'm a little depressed. I've been in slow mode for the last few months. After my mother passed, I worked around the clock for months. Then we moved, and I worked very hard for a while in the new house. Then I just kind of shut down. I'm finally feeling like that is over and I'm moving forward, but this party was my first to ever do without my mother and I'm not going to lie - it stunk. I think I cried at least twice a day while working on party stuff.
But, I finally pulled it all together and this is what we ended up with.

These hats only come in blue and red with matching badges on them. She wanted burlap, lace, and baby pink as the colors so I got to painting with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Antoinette and a detail brush.

I also hot glued some cuter badges on the hats

This is what I ended up with for the party favor hats

Jade's badge was gold and I used pink ribbon around the base of hers instead of jute.

All sassy and happy before the girls arrived.
I also made her a banner. This will be slightly modified and hang in her bedroom now.

The "R" was her favorite letter.

So the table and photo booth area looked like this:

I made the cake

And the cupcakes

The western lettering (an artist I am NOT)

The s'mores pops - which are awesome!

I even made individual chocolate milks for everyone.

Then came the games:
We had sawhorse roping

then sawhorse riding

Then barrel racing with stick horses

We also had a game of horseshoes and paint can bowling. I was cold so I quit taking pictures and the girls were freezing so we went inside as soon as all of them had done all of the games. It was time for the photo booth.
My daughter is a ham.

Nothing like cowgirl hats, pancakes, and giggles for breakfast the next morning.

And one tired, but happy little girl with her kitten after it's all over.

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