Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Something I Adore

I like light. My husband always said if we ever custom build a house it will be my love of windows that will blow the budget. I love bright, airy, white spaces, cottage appeal with hits of color as accents. Having said that I am desperately falling back in love with black.
I used to have black furniture and I loved the look - but 2 kids later, living in the dustiest place on the planet, and I was rapidly painting everything lighter again.
My dear friend  and fellow designer Lisa is partially responsible for me heading back to the dark side. She loves black. She loves the deep dark feel of it especially for lounging and sleeping spaces. I have to say her love of it is inspiring me right now.
My chalkboard wall got me to start in this direction and then after seeing some of the things Lisa has done in her own home, I'm feeling the need to use it a bit more.
 Here are some examples of how I like black:

As an accent wall

As dramatic accent in a stark space

To flawlessly show off fantastic moldings

To completely swathe you in cozy/sexy

As stripes...always

Of course my favorite use of black is via Sarah always.

Her use of black is my favorite because she uses just enough for effect but it's in a bright and airy wrapper - which is just exactly what I am wanting to do.
Black has me all excited right now. I'm going coastal cottage in this house, but I'm going to see how I can incorporate black into the decor.

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