Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ellen's Nursery Chair

There are always surprises when you do upholstery. Always! It doesn't matter how many times you do it, furniture is like people and every piece, just like every person, is different.

Ellen brought me this chair

It was her grandmother's and now that Ellen and her husband are expecting their own little bundle soon, she wanted to use it as the nursery chair. The pink velvet wasn't exactly the direction she was wanting to go though so she asked me to help out with the upholstery situation.

This chair had about 2 million staples in it. I have seriously never seen that many staples in anything. I filled 3 red Solo cups with staples! Craziness! Once all of those staples were removed is when the good stuff starts though.
Making cushion covers

Sewing piping

Adding tack strip

Sewing the skirt


Pinning it on and hemming it

Then blind-stitching the entire back and outside arms of the chair so it's a tight fit.

I threw my daughters pillow and elephant in the chair quickly and snapped all of these pictures with my phone. Bad little blogger I know but, Ellen needed to come pick it up and I had been down with a migraine for 3 days. 
Aren't my dingy hall closet doors awesome? I think the sun faded pattern from the old gold lattice I removed gives them just the right touch. Oh well, one day it will be a pretty place...sigh

Another happy client and moving on to the next one ;)

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