Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Dylan's Room

While I did Jade's room first in the room switch, her's really isn't ready for a reveal yet. While Dylan's still lacks a few things, his actually is more complete.

Since they switched rooms his was the one with the hideous green wall

I cannot explain to you how happy I was to cover up that green wall!

This is what we've ended up with for now

No, I didn't cut in up close at the ceiling because we are planning to add trim work in here and it will cover that. I see no reason spending time on a ladder painting carefully at the ceiling line if it's only going to be covered over. It seems like silly and un-needed work...or maybe I'm just lazy sometimes ;)
I also need to figure out a window treatment for in here. I have his curtains from the old house, but they are striped and I think I need something a little different for this arrangement.

 This is his reading nook. I'm trying to make a big deal about it to encourage my little scientist to read more.

This wall above, with his desk, and the wall shown below with the closet door are where some changes will be happening. The wall the desk is on is the back wall of this large hall closet. 

Dead serious that closet is 8 feet long by 3 feet the hall! So we will be sealing it up in the hall for more wall space and to make the end of the entry way a little nicer to look at than just doors. It will be opened up in Dylan's room as his new closet then. There is another hall closet that is almost as large right by the front door and a linen closet further on down the hall. I'm all for storage, but it seems redundant. The wall pictured below that houses Dylan's closet now, falls in between the his and hers closets in the master bedroom. So we will be sealing off the door in Dylan's room and taking down the walls inside to make one huge master closet. I grin every time I think of this!

It still needs some work but the room has definitely been enjoyed! These little Texas boys made a shooting range behind the bed and had an awesome time for about 45 minutes just shooting at toys of different sizes.

I think he missed his toys on the first day of school! When he got home he played so hard with them for hours and then crashed.
It's never good when it's quiet (right moms?) so I went to check on him and found this:

An extra tired boy, in a messy and well loved room, and for once quiet was perfect!

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