Friday, September 13, 2013

Jade's New Room

Jade's room still has work to be done. While Dylan's room has structural changes coming, Jade's is more of an incomplete decorating story at present.

This is what Jade's room looked like when the other owners still had the house

She's the messiest child ever, so I know her room isn't always going to look as precious in person as it does in my head...or when I clean it. This is what her room looked like when she was in the south bedroom at this house.

It's sad, and I am working on it but she is more stubborn than I could ever have fathomed! The stubbornness comes from both sides and the messiness is a Taylor genetic thing I'm almost positive. But, sometimes her space can be precious just like its inhabitant ;)

This piece below was a craigslist find. It's slated for a makeover, but client work comes first so I will have to work on it later. It's a little larger than I usually like for a bedside chest but I loved this piece and couldn't let it go. I shifted things around and made a place for it.  I think it is so cute in here and I cannot wait to get it finished!

I'm also going to make custom curtains for this room, but something had to be done temporarily with the super ugly shutter fabric. I chose to go neutral and used drop cloth fabric. It was awesome to see the transformation. It brightened the space almost as much as painting the ceiling a crisp white had!

I love the fabric in her room. The pinks are really dominate but Jade wants to focus on the blue and green in the fabric so that's where we are going with it. I love that she picked unpredictable colors. I thought she would still be all over the pink and purple, but she's growing up.

The supporting fabrics are precious. Polka dots just scream "Jade" to me. She's a spunky little girl for sure!

And while she loves to read and make messes (usually with clothes or paper) all the time...

...I love to organize! If you want to see how I truly am then look inside the closets of this house. If you look at the rooms you might think unseemly things like "hoarders" or something. But, that's just us living here.

All I have to do is open a wonderfully organized closet and smile. 

Her room is a happy place and I love that she loves it just as much as I do!

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