Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kids Rooms Preview

I'm going to preface this post by saying that I already feel like I've lived in this house forever.What I've done in the past 3 months here was about 2 years worth of work in our old home. Before we moved in though, this was how the children's rooms looked

What became Dylan's room:

 What became Jade's room:

I have a moody little boy and had chosen the room on the north side of the house for him because it had a lot of light and I thought he might like that and it might help him be a little less moody. My daughter is pretty laid back so I chose the south room for her. South light is great when you don't have12 trees in your back yard. When you have 12 trees, it kind of blocks all that great light.

Dylan's North Bedroom

 Jade's South Bedroom
(Sadly it always looks like this - messiest little girl EVER)

All of my good intentions got flushed down the toilet though. A few of my friends like to call my son a vampire: he's pale, he's extremely handsome, and he hates sunlight. I should've made his bedroom into the Batcave, but his favorite colors are red white and blue so Batcave was nixed!

My daughter started asking for a skylight (yes, she's only 7 and yes she is a mini version of me in so many ways) or if we could add another window and more lights...meanwhile my son would NEVER open his shutters and threw toddler-style fits whenever I opened them. 
I finally got so fed up with all the complaining that I told them I was switching their rooms and they could just deal with it!
Jade was immediately thrilled about more windows and better light and Dylan even said he would like his new dark room.

But those of you who know me know that I couldn't just switch the furniture and leave it at that. No, if a room was going to be empty of furniture for a while it was the "perfect" opportunity to scrape the popcorn off the ceiling and paint the walls and trim!
So in between scads of client work, my children who seem to be at the destructive age at present, and about 7 million other things happening, I scraped ceilings, painted walls, hung art, improvised new window treatments, arranged furniture, and organized closets!

I was covered in popcorn everywhere!

Bright white always makes the biggest difference. I love a sharp crisp white on ceilings and trim work. LOVE IT!

The trim work for the old shutters in this house was not only nailed, but glued into place. We have plans to replace most of the windows in this house and when we do I will replace all of the trim, but I don't want to replace it right now, so I had quite a bit of sanding, filling, and painting to do on this trim in the south bedroom.

This wall was the most awful green color ever! I didn't cut in at the top because we will be putting in moldings and I don't like cutting in ;)

So these are a few sneak peeks at these rooms. They are down to a few tweaks and some small details for Jade's room and a few larger ones for Dylan's room. I can't wait for you all to see how fun these rooms are!
These two cuties make it all worth while!!!

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