Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shutters and Bows

I had a thought the other morning and decided I was going to use those old shutters I've been pulling off the windows in this house. So I got crafty and pulled out my supplies!

This is how they were in my son's room. Green chiffon-type fabric, ugly brass, and painted the same grungy cream as everything else was in this house.

So I had a handy little helper (my friends daughter Hallie) take off the hinges and fabric and clean them with a couple of baby wipes.
Then my daughter Jade and I took the shutters outside and painted them a light blue. I know they look white in this picture, I don't know why either because the place I photographed them in isn't particularly light-filled. Anyway, they are blue ;)

Then we all had a lunch and a few adventures - there are always adventures with 5 kids - and then I went back to work 

I got out some jute and my staple gun and it literally took me three minutes to do this.

After doing upholstery for a while a good over and under stapling pattern becomes somewhat second nature. It just makes sense for a child to have more durability. 

I then put some picture hangers on the back and hung the finished product up in her closet.

She's almost outgrown bows now but  I can see her clipping many other things to this in the future. I just find it kind of precious. 
I also have many other shutter sets, so Peacock Door Designs will be making these to sell very soon. They are easily customizable and I will make them any way you want them.

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