Monday, August 5, 2013

Main Bath Preview

When we moved in to this house there were few things I hated more than the main house bath. It's dated, has insane wallpaper, and carpet (EWWWWWWW)!

It's a gem huh? Crazy vine paper that elevates my heart rate as soon as I walk into the room, speckled white tile, gold trim, gold cabinets, and again with the carpet...

So one night I was trying to relax and take a bath and I couldn't at all. I was staring up at this wall and I swear I broke out in stress hives.

So I got busy! I pulled off that nasty gold trim.

Picked a paint color for the cabinetry (isn't the gold lovely?) It's going to be a creamy white.

 Then decided to use the primer I had on hand to try and paint over the wallpaper.
I know what you're thinking, "Why paint over it instead of remove it?"
I have a couple of reasons:
First, this room will be completely gutted and reworked in a few years and all of the sheetrock will be replaced at that time.
Second, this is my quick fix for this bathroom. I do not want to spend tons of time trying to take a dog's breakfast and make it a gourmet meal.

Unfortunately the primer I had on hand was water based...

After 2 coats of primer the vines were still going strong. So off to the store I go again to get some oil-based primer to cover the crazy vines. Here's hoping that the gold cabinets are easier to paint over! 
I have quite a bit of client work in the next few weeks so I may not have anything more to show you on this project for a while. Stay tuned though! Lot's of fun things are coming up soon!!!

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