Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Striped Dining Table

A few of you may remember back when I did this post about a great estate sale find I was going to make over and sell.
Then this post that followed up on it, in which I said that one day when I had a house big enough for both a breakfast table and a formal dining table I would be using both.
We have a house large enough for that now and as much as I love this striped table - wait for it - I'm selling it!
You see, I'm a sentimental type girl. I love things that are handed down like my grandparents table that is now being used again, this time in our breakfast nook. While the striped table is gorgeous, my mother-in-law is giving me the dining table that my husband grew up with. I just can't resist the lure of that. I love that and my daughter is becoming very sentimental toward things like that as well and I can just picture her, years down the road, wanting that table that her daddy grew up with in her dining room.

large - both leaves

Medium - one leaf


In the new house

So for now, if you're interested in the striped dining table, leave a comment, send me an email, or head on over to Peacock Door Designs facebook page and let me know.

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