Thursday, August 8, 2013

Leslee's Dining Room

I'm really excited about this reveal. This is a room reveal. It started out as a dining set redo. An old antique Duncan Phyfe set that needed a little TLC with some paint and upholstering. 

Then it turned into  the dining set redo and some really fabulous drapes. 

Finally it was a dining set redo, some really fabulous drapes, and an eye-catching light fixture.

What we ended up with is just so beautiful, fun, and casually elegant...pretty much like the client herself really!

Honestly, I could not be more jealous of her drapes! I know I made them, but WOW! They're just so fun and cute - I want some ;)

She already had such sweet vignettes all over this space. The turquoise on this little flower-filled boot is the inspiration for the color I used on the light fixture.

I used her old drapery fabric to upholster the seats of the chairs. It was a pretty heavy fabric and will be great for this, plus now you have the darkness and heavy pattern where you want it to be in a dining room.

The feet on this table are to die for. I have always loved the attention to detail that a Duncan Phyfe set has.

The light fixture was all on me. She didn't actually like the light fixture as it was and was asking what I thought should go there. You see, before it was a bronze color and had alabaster globes surrounding the lights. I pulled it apart, painted it, distressed it, and re-wired it putting in candelabra sockets: Lantern style light fixture that perfectly suited her style and space...not to mention saved her tons of money. Lantern fixtures are pretty pricey!

I swoon every time I see these drapes!

Another happy client and a beautiful space to share with all of you. This was a very fun project and it was so awesome to meet this amazing woman!

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