Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween Decorations

I love Fall. It's seriously my favorite. I know everyone really looks forward to Thanksgiving and even more people look forward to Christmas, but I'm a Halloween girl for sure.
I love the spookiness, and the whimsy. I love how I don't have to dust down the spider webs for a month ;) I love how pretty all the dark decorations can look in a light house, and I LOVE pumpkins!
This year I've kept it very simple, mostly because we are so busy right now. However, here are a few little things I've put out for myself and the kiddos.

Cute little pumpkins

Little spooky things scattered around

I even gave the chalkboard wall a little Halloween fun. I'm not going to pretend that I'm artistic at all, but I do think I did a decent job for free handing those letters.

Soon it's going to be Thanksgiving and the decor will change again - but oh for this month I sure do love my little spooky things :)

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