Saturday, April 5, 2014

Dining Room Table

This table has been finished for a while, but life happens. I'm still working on this dining room but the table is looking fabulous and just a few things need to be done: finish painting the chairs, upholster the other barrel back, build in china cabinets, plank the ceiling, put a doorway in the wall, etc…okay, so it's more than a few things that need to be done to see my vision come true. That's okay though, because I'm loving each stage of progress that has happened. I sometimes just walk in and stare at the room because it's the most complete room so far in my house.
This is a family table, it came from the children's paternal grandmother. This is how it looked before:

Pretty orange
But stripping, 





and sealing all happened. 

Just look at all that texture - I love that the painted runner looks kind of like linen.
I can't wait to reveal all of the progress for this room. It's really starting to look like what I had envisioned and that always makes me smile.
Don't forget to pop back in on Monday to check out the reveal and something I think is pretty special.

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