Saturday, June 7, 2014

David Kind

This is going to be a bit different today. I am not a fashion blog, nor will I ever be a fashion blog. But, I have to share this because it was such an awesome experience. I first read about David Kind on Casey Wiegand's beautiful blog. She inspired me to give it a try. I've had the same glasses for YEARS now and was needing some new ones so it was the perfect time.
These are my old glasses (and a picture that is a year and a half old as well)

Quick lament…I miss my long hair. Superficial and pouty absolutely, but nonetheless true.

So I went to the David Kind website, signed up, uploaded a few pictures, and outlined my preferences. The sample box came in 4 days and was so awesome. First of all, the design lover in me couldn't get over the beautiful packaging. But, the glasses are amazing high quality and so fabulous.

I felt this first pair was cute, but a little too 50's for me. Excuse the no makeup, it's been a busy few weeks!

This second pair was a contender for sure. But I had had black glasses for 7 years and was looking for something a bit different I guess.

Finally these last ones were it. I love the tortoise shell, the frame shape, and the little details.

I waited a couple of days and tried them on with different outfits and in different lights and I still loved them.

Jade Reese thought the process was pretty fun as well. Her picks were super cute, all dress up for her of course. She had a blast though and loved helping me choose!

I love her little freckles and that she isn't afraid of being different. I pray she stays this way always!

This was the most fun process and the company was fabulous to work with. I highly recommend this process for anyone that is needing or wanting to get new glasses. Great experience and service for sure!!!

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