Monday, June 9, 2014


I love wood details in homes. I think that trim work and all the details make the home have character and bring a charm to the place like nothing else can. In my time capsule house there was already lots of character…in some cases too much character. There was a wall at the end of my hallway that I called "the wall of evil spirits" I cannot explain to you the power of this wall. It gave me the creeps and I took it down very quickly after we moved in.
This is what the wall looked like the day I came to view the house:

Yes, that is 1950's gold antiqued mirror that covered the entire 36 square feet. It was nasty. 
So I tore it down ASAP and had a black polkadot wall for 10 months. The polkadots are ugly sure, but they didn't give me chills and weird feelings.

You can see that I had hung the light fixture in this picture. I LOVE that fixture. It's probably one of my most favorites ever!!!
Then for Mother's Day I got a gift card and I spent it on wood planks.  I planked that wall and have plans to trim everything out and do an entire hallway reveal soon.

I then had to prime it and sand it after the primer as it lifts the wood fibers with the damp paint. Don't you sand walls in a maxi skirt? My son shocked me by grabbing my phone and taking this picture while I was working that day.

Here is the planked and painted wall. It's waiting for me to do the ceiling treatment, pull up the carpet and put up the trim. But, those polkadots are covered and the light bright paint at the end of the dingy hallway makes me happy!

Another project on the forever long list is checked off and I smile every single time I walk past it.

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