Monday, June 2, 2014

Dining Table

Sometimes things are brought in that just need a little love. The client likes the piece the way it is for the most part but just wants it renewed. I often don't post these things because people seem to love the drastic change makeovers, but I feel that it's important to showcase what a little TLC can do to renew a piece.
This table was brought to me in less than stellar condition. There was hardly any finish left on it and several places had water damage or heat damage. It's not super easy to see in the pictures but believe me, the damage was there and the majority of the table was down to raw wood.

You can't tell too much from this angle here

I hadn't started sanding the table yet, it was THAT bad!

I ended up having to strip it down in order for it to take even coats of poly.
I also had to do a few tricks I've learned over the years. One with mayonnaise and one with an iron and some steam.

I think it turned out great. It now has multiple durable coats of finish on it and is protected and back to the way the client wanted it.

Stay tuned for more coming soon!

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