Thursday, February 16, 2012

The End Table

For a while now I have been looking for an end table that would fit in our tiny space. The space is tiny because my husband refuses to give up his big ugly 1992 blue recliner (if you were here watching me type this you would have seen me shudder just now) The chair is awful, but it's HIS chair. I'm still trying to convince him that there are alternatives. So, because of his giant chair, we have a very narrow space in which to fit a table. Nothing new will fit. Everything these days is so huge! I was resigned to the idea that I was going to have to build a table to fit there. That was discouraging because I have very little time these days and it would probably have been summer before I could have done it. While out and looking for chairs for my dining room, I happened upon this little table. I whipped out my measuring tape and jumped up and down in the middle of the store! It FIT!!!! Even more important...I no longer had to build it!

It's a bit rough, but it's sturdy and cute. Of course I couldn't leave it like that though. I sanded the sucker down and got to painting, which is apparently how I live my life ;)

I know it's difficult to tell, but this paint color is actually a super pale olive green. It never looks that way in pictures, but you can tell in person. Pale olive is the base.

Then I striped it with a pale blue

Finally you can see the olive a bit.

It fits wonderfully in its home between the ugly monstrosity and the couch. Another project on my checklist that can be checked off. It feels oh soooo good!


  1. SUPER cute!!! Okay,so its been two months... what you been up to now??

    1. I'll update soon girl, I promise! Lots to put up and I just have to find the time :)