Thursday, March 21, 2013


I haven't been posting very much this week. Oh, it isn't lack of things to do or that business is slower. No, neither of those reasons apply. Something I have noticed as I read through other blogs is that a lot of times people don't post when things go wrong. Some will post about a little trial or when they've made a mistake that ends up being a funny anecdote, but on the whole DIY blogs tend to focus on the "Bright side of life"

I have funny anecdotes myself, and enough successes to maintain brisk business, but there are times of trial. Those times are what I consider good opportunities to learn. I do try to learn from mistakes and either fix a problem when it arises or become flexible and find an alternate solution. 

In the last two weeks I have had significant opportunities to learn things. I honestly feel like I'm being either tested or told to slow down...haven't figured out which yet.

Sometimes it is a paint that is out of stock that you have to wait for, so a project sits to the side for days

Sometimes it is lugging a bunch of kids to the hardware store to get one

(she's a pro though, it was the others that gave me fits...)

Sometimes all you needed to do was remove a reluctant screw and instead you dropped the entire door and shattered an antiqued, beveled edge mirror that would cost hundreds of dollars to replace

Sometimes it is stripping a table and staining it only to find out that it won't accept the stain and you just have to strip it again and go back to the drawing board and hope that your client will be satisfied 

Sometimes it is sand storms that come up out of no where and threaten your just finished staining job

And sometimes it is just your own personal emotional state due to recent events that can derail you.

Sometimes you need to sit, hold your children close, snuggle with your husband longer and thank God that you have them and that you are so blessed.

Sometimes that is all it takes to renew and be able to jump back in and deal with everything that has been thrown your way.

There will always be more to come. It will be an experience whether good or challenging. It will be my life and I am so thankful for it all!

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