Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Ellis’ Custom Bedding

This is one of those projects that I absolutely loved doing. It challenged me which is always good. Add in the fact that I was doing this for Amy (who is one of the sweetest people I know) and her precious little girl, and it made it a fantastic job.
Sweet little Ellis is growing up and she was making the transition into a big girl room. Amy had loved her nursery and was really sad about the transition because she didn’t want to lose that look in her daughter’s room. She found the same fabric that the drapes were made from and asked me to make custom bedding to match. I’ve done a few duvets now, but I had never done one for a daybed. The fabric also had some pretty serious pattern to line up. The first draft I sketched was like a standard twin bed. I laid the fabric out on the floor and was seconds away from making the first cut when I realized my mistake and that the pattern would be running the wrong direction for a daybed. I re-measured, re-sketched, and then got back to work. Occasionally I have operator errors like this, it happens and I’m ok with it because so far I have always realized it before making things permanent. I know one day I will have messed up and it will be permanent…I dread that day. So far I’ve been lucky though. Everyone pause and knock on wood for me pretty please.

I started by ripping apart the unused curtain ties that Amy had from the nursery curtains. This is tedious but goes much faster than you might think when you're watching netflix.

All ripped apart and sewn together to create a long ruffle

 All ruffled

 The back was made of minky fabric. I have never used this before and was unaware of how creepy crawly it is. Now I know ;)

I didn't have hardly any fabric left, but I wanted them to get the most out of it. I surprised them with some custom pillows to match.

 I love this pillow!

The other one was double sided minky/toile:

This bedding turned out so cute. Everyone was really pleased with the results and I think it is so precious! Another happy client, another project down, and I can add daybed duvets to my repertoire. 

On to the next one!

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