Sunday, September 7, 2014

Personal Style Evolution

I’m convinced that personal style grows and changes. As we mature and move through life, our tastes change. When I was little in the 1980’s in Texas, everything was so countrified!!! Country blue, pink, mauve, cream, and lace had vomited on every surface in our house. Of course it had in most other houses in our area as well so we fit in. It wasn’t my favorite but I was little and didn’t know any better. Nor did I really get a vote. It was my mother’s house after all.
The entry Hall - please forgive my 9 year old self and lack of britches:

Ahh the pink and blue wallpaper and country straw hats adorned with fake flowers…

The kitchen a few years before its 1986 renovation:

My 3rd birthday

I'm REALLY going to get into trouble for this, but I seriously couldn't find another picture of the tiny blue, pink, and yellow heart-flower wallpaper. My best friend may not like the fact that I am posting the picture of her surprise 17th birthday, but the background is the real star here. That wallpaper…ugh.

As a teen, things got a bit better but I had a bedroom that was a hand me down from my big sister. The only things I really loved in that room were the furniture pieces. They had been my grandmother’s and were classic pieces. It was the 90’s by then and things had gone from country blue to hunter green, burgundy, and pink.

My bedroom (throwing another old friend under the bus):

In college I got an apartment with one of my best friends for life and I also started developing my own style. It was a lot more neutral and a lot less cluttered. I started liking more modern lines, neutral big pieces, and pops of color in the accents. This is still a philosophy that I use today.
I went much more modern as a newlywed. I went blonde, metal, and glass open style furniture. That lasted until my son was born. Once I had a child I wanted doors on all furniture! I wanted to see zero clutter because man that kid came with a LOT of stuff! All of the pictures of these time periods are packed away so sadly I can't show them. The best I can do is show how my home looked right before the move to the time capsule house.
My Home:

Now, after all the phases I’ve been through style-wise, I was asked what my style is…What is my style? That’s actually a really complicated question. Is anyone really just one style? Maybe. Not this girl though, and not a lot of other people I know either. After personal upheaval this past year, I think I’ve gone through another tweak in my personal style. As a single mother of two I’m really looking to simplify things as much as possible. I’ve purged quite a bit and am purging more and more all the time. 

Things I thought I wanted only a year ago have changed; evolved with who I am as a person. I’m still the most drawn to Cape Cod cottage style. But, I want very little clutter and a bit of modern with that. Throw in a tad of industrial, a little rustic, a little sparkle, a lot of white, saturated pops of color, and little kids laughing and you have exactly what my style is. So yes, it has definitely changed over the years and I think it will continue to ebb and flow just like we do as people.

So when I am asked the question of what my style is, now I just say eclectic. Honestly, if I listed all of the styles I would sound bipolar. 

Don’t ever be afraid to like things that “don’t really go together”. Maybe they don’t for other people, but if it works for you and makes you happy; do it!

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