Thursday, September 11, 2014

My Nerdy Side

I've always been okay with admitting that I'm a bit on the nerdy side. But seriously, if you aren't watching Doctor Who you need to start. I know the first season is slightly cheesy, but it gets better and you really do need to watch it from the beginning.
A friend of mine that has flawless taste when it comes to literature and entertainment was always posting little snippets on Pinterest or on her Facebook page. It got me curious. I had a quite a bit of painting to do and so I decided to pull up Doctor Who on the old Netfilx account and watch. I was warned about the first season being campy and lower budget so I stuck it out. It was episode 8 (Father's Day) that finally got me pulled into the show for real. After that, the love was full blown and I went flying through the episodes while working on client work.
I got my daughter really into it as well. I even got scolded when she found out I was watching ahead of her and then going back when it was her time to watch. She's super in love with it!

...when she found out I was watching without her.

One of the many papers lying about that reference Doctor Who.

Oh so precious!

We both have a favorite and a few of my friends have the same favorite - we love the tenth doctor, David Tennant. Jade said she wanted a shirt about The Doctor and so we looked. People…there are HUNDREDS of Doctor Who shirts! HUNDREDS! But, we wanted one that related to TEN.
Because why not?

(google images)

(google images)

I cannot handle how adorable he is!

There were some fun shirts, but I decided it would be cute to just design one. So I went to and designed a pretty cute shirt even if I do say so myself. 

I ordered a few and decided to surprise a few of my friends with a Doctor Who box. My friends that are the biggest fans live far away from me so I knew I wanted to go all out for the boxes.

Jade and I got our crafty on and had a blast making these gifts.

I printed off a quote by the producer Steven Moffat and made a card

I printed out tiny TARDIS and cut them out 

I wrapped up the shirts with some ribbon

Jade made the gift bag

We spray painted cereal boxes in high gloss blue to represent the TARDIS

These turned out so ridiculously fabulous that I'm now hoarding boxes so I can spray paint them for Christmas wrapping. 

One of the gifts ready for it's box


These were so much fun! But what makes it even better is know how much the recipients love it too!

Fall in love with your nerdy side ;)
It's really really fun!!!

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