Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rental Part Two - The Living Room

This is one of those rooms that is really just a little cosmetic fixer upper. The bones were great and if you're into paneling and cottage style (which we all know I am) this room is a dream.
It was dark, dated, and had really dated lighting and carpet as well. I didn't get any pictures before the carpet was pulled out and the new floors went in but it was pretty bad.


 Notice the ugly brass and little beads on the lighting in the pictures below

 I really wanted to do something with this orangey brick on the fire place but it just wasn't the right time. Maybe eventually it can be done how it is in my head ;)

 Then of course there was the day I forgot my ladder and pole for the paint roller...sad but true. I'm short and that was even a stretch for me.
The primer going up on the wood in this room made me exquisitely happy!

 My busy little worker nuggets helping me out on a Saturday so they could spend more time with me. I sure love that they are wanting to learn things and help out - and that they still want to be around their mama!

Right after I began this project I became ill. I'm going to give a massive shout out to my father here because without him I never would have met my deadline for this house. He worked for me for free so that I could stay on target and make the money to support me and my kids. God bless precious Dad's that love their daughter's like mine loves me!!! He is the best man ever!
Taping off the windows was just one of the many things that he did for me. I painted some and he did the finish work on most of this.

All of this paneling was sprayed once it was in place. Switch plates, trim, and hardware was all covered in medium brown with black speckles, not to mention a few years of dirt as well. Buying new wasn't in the budget for this makeover, but leaving brown speckled stuff all over once my pretty gray wall and white trim were up was NOT in my like category. I got out my trusted mini crockpot and soaked that hardware! I used a toothbrush to get it clean and then put the bright shiny brass back into place.

Looks so so so much better!
Check out that window - I swoon a little. I loved this style of windows, they just make me happy.

Those brass chandeliers had a date with some oil rubbed bronze spray paint and I removed the beads as well.

Just lovely!

Naturally because of the late hour, I completely spaced and didn't get a picture of the fireplace. All the trim around it was white and the brick is still orange. But the mantel looks fantastic and I'm pretty sad that I forgot to snap a picture of that!

I just love how this room turned out. It was so dark before and now even at 1:30 in the morning it's so bright and pretty. Paint is one of my favorite quick updates. This is just a fantastic space!

Stay tuned for Part Three on Wednesday!

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