Thursday, October 8, 2015

Halloween: The Dalek and Amy Pond

We take Halloween seriously in this house. It's pretty much one of my favorite things ever. Dressing up, having fun with friends, the fun decorations - I LOVE it! I really always have. Last year my children were both obsessed with Doctor Who, I'll admit that I am too. You can read more about my obsession here. They still are obsessed actually, but last year they wanted costumes to go along with their obsession.

My son, of course, wanted to be Dalek Caan. A particularly evil alien inside a robot shell. This suits my son great because he ADORES robots and all "geek stuff" as he calls it. The problem is, this is a BBC show and here we don't have easy access to the costumes. When we do, they are stupid expensive. I have to watch that pesky little budget, so I immediately began to think of how I could make this thing. He wanted to fit completely inside of it, he is small for his age, but people that is over 4.5 feet of robot to make to where the child can still move and trick or treat. Thank goodness my daughter wanted to be Amy Pond! I just shopped for her and chalked her hair a bit more red than it usually is!

I was supposed to be River Song, but ran out of time to sew my costume. The picture above shows Amy Pond, River Song, and Dalek Caan.

Shopping for Jade was so easy and I didn't fret about it being expensive because it wasn't just a costume, she could wear everything again! Best thing ever!!!

Now on to the Dalek. I gathered my supplies, the most expensive part was the spray paint. I used scrap wood I had around for the form.

I used clear plastic christmas ornaments and clipped off the hangers for them.

Then I laid them all out and sprayed them gold.

The form in all its glory

Multiple sheets of foam core board to make it sturdy but light enough to move. Then I caulked all of the joints so they looked faceted but seamless. It's also on casters so that he can move it around without struggling.

The head was the hardest part for me. I ended up using a hoop I had from my daughter's cowgirl birthday party and some hangers I straightened out and then joined them to the hoop. Then came the painting. So. Much. Painting! Then gluing on the accessories. This was detailed work.

It took hours people...hours!!! I was still working outside the home and on client work at the time. I was making this beast at night and on my lunch hour for the entire week before Halloween!

This reaction though, this face on that boy right there, made it all worth it!!!

He was beside himself excited!

 My little Dalek Caan and Amy Pond (Jade nailed it, she even had her accent and personality down! Love her!)

This tiny video clip says it all for Dylan though.

He was basically a celebrity that night. Kids of all ages, and a few adults too, stopped him to have their pictures made with him. It was awesome to see him so excited and loving his costume so much.

"Most epic costume EVER! I didn't even have to say 'trick or treat'! People just gave me candy and took pictures with me! I'm wearing this again next year!"

Of course he isn't wearing it this year, but I thought that was pretty precious!

After Halloween I came inside and found the Dalek guarding the dining room.
"Hey bud?"
"Why is the Dalek in the front hall?"
"Oh, it's guarding my fort in the dining room. I also thought it would be fun to freak out the pizza guy later."

Ahhh, my kid. Love his humor sometimes!

So, what became of the Dalek you ask? He decided to have a theme room and it's now a statue in the corner beside his bed. He plays with it all the time.

I think that was a pretty successful Halloween costume myself!

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