Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Makeovers and the Boutique Sale

My first Boutique Sale went pretty well. I had good foot traffic and much of my inventory was purchased. I had worked so hard getting everything together for it and it paid off. This time, I worked year round to have items for the sale. I had piles of stuff all over my dining room for months. MONTHS! I even had to bag up all of the soft goods and put them in my attic just so we could move around in the house. Through all of that I had client work, home renovations, two kids with toys and piles of laundry, office type stuff, and zero sanity. But, I still felt really prepared for this sale.

During the last sale, I had been working for the school district and was off during the summer. I worked from the moment I was off work in June until the night before the sale in July. But, I only worked on the things that were going into that sale because I was still getting a paycheck from the school district. This time around was VERY different. I couldn't dedicate myself to the sale items like I had before. I had to work on client work...a LOT of client work. But the sale finally all came together. This time though, regardless of the fact that my business is more well known and that I have repeat clients all the time, the sale didn't do as well. That's rough when it is your livelihood.

It looked pretty cute all set up though.

A lot of effort goes into these sales. This year I couldn't have done it without my sweet dad, my gorgeous and kind hearted friend Jessica, my precious friend Erin, and all the encouragement from my Monica.

Makeovers had to be completed on several pieces and a lot of sewing and pillow stuffing happened too.

The Chair

The Table and Chairs

This only came with two chairs so I decided to change some things up and sell it with some different chairs.
Here it is all finished up and so cute!

These are  a few things that are still available:

The Rocker

Small Stripe Table

Chess/Checkers Table

This table is super special. Hand painted board and pieces with gold foil edges.

Various Shutters

Gorgeous and Rustic Pink Chest

Large Empire Low Chest (available as is or customized)

So much new stuff is happening now. Follow along on Instagram to get previews of things that are happening and what is coming up next!

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