Friday, June 15, 2012

Day 15

I cheated a little. Yesterday while I was at my parents I happened to look ahead because my mother seems interested in what I am taking pictures of for the challenge. I saw that it was yellow and had to take pictures while I was there. I like husband does NOT, so as a result of that we don't really have any yellow in our home. My mother LOVES yellow. Her entire master bedroom and bathroom are done in shades of yellow, gray, cream, and rich dark woods. My mother also has a love of glass and dishes, a love that I share intensely! She has some gorgeous pieces and a few of my favorites are yellow.

My mother has 6 of these glasses and a pitcher that matches. Vintage of course, she got them in the late 60's and has had them my whole life! She uses 2 of these glasses in her master bath and they are fabulous

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