Friday, June 15, 2012

Days 8, 9, & 10

Sometimes children, projects, and just life in general get in the way of my blogging. So, because of that, today I am blogging a TON of things. I did manage to stay on track and actually take my pictures on the appropriate days...but blogging them as well seemed to just slip past me.

Day 8 ~ Six O'Clock

My Father's watch and a couple of my mother's rings. I get a little sentimental sometimes just looking at how they have things in their house. It's a good home and feels like home to many and that is the greatest joy to me. You know me and those 'little things' They are my favorite!

Day 9 ~ Your View Today

In my father's workshop

He's working on a kitchen

And I'm working on a drawer. I will have a full blog on this piece in the future...maybe 2, because it's a ridiculous story! But, the workshop was my view for 6 hours that day...

Day 10

As I've mentioned before, my mother is one of the greatest cooks ever!!! The best part of this weekend was the Sunday family lunch with them. It was amazing!

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